There is an interesting story behind starting of celebrating 2nd November as Guru Samarpan Diwas. Once in the first half of the year 2003, I had an honor of accompanying Shri Satpathiji (Guruji) to Shirdi. After attending the evening Aarti, as we were passing near Dixitwada (presently the Museum). Guruji suddenly stopped there for a moment and asked me to give him details regarding following two events/subject.

The date on which Kaka Saheb had his first Darshan of Shri Sai Baba in Shirdi and where in Sai Saccharitra is it mentioned that Sai Baba once told Kaka Saheb that in his next incarnation Baba would appear as a child of 8 years.

I very promptly agreed to provide these details to him at my earliest, but later on I realized that it was going to be a big research project for me and I may have to churn a number of books to get the required information.

I have no hesitation in admitting that my knowledge regarding Shri Sai Saccharitra was very shallow despite having an old copy of the same in our Devghar. We were also having a book 'Sainche Sat Chhritra" Written by Col. Nimbalkar in our house, which was presented to me by
him in the year 1996. It appears that Col, Nimbalkar fully knew my disinterest in reading books and therefore on a small paper he noted down the page numbers on which Kaka Saheb's name was mentioned.

He must have wanted me to at least read those pages. These were the only two bools on Si Baba in our house to start my research project. Reaching Mumbai from Shirdi I became extremely busy with my routing office work and totally forgot about the project. I am really very lucky person to always get sleep as soon as I lay down in my bed.

But after about two weeks latter from my Shirdi visit, once I was unable to get any sleep till 2O'clock in the night. And suddenly I remembered about my promise to Shri Guruji. I got up from my bed, entered our Devghar and decided to make a beginning to Herculean task of my research work. Our Devghar is always full of positive vibrations mainly due to presence of a unique and live portrait of Shri Sai Baba painted by Late Shyamrao Jaykar in the year 1913; I bowed before Sai Baba and sought his blessings. The first book that I picked up on that night was the same one, which was presented to me by Col. Nimbalkar. I sat in front of Baba's portrait and once again bowed before him to get his blessings.

It was a great surprise that I opened the book from the last page I saw a chronological tabulation of events that took place in Shirdi. It only took me a minute or so to get the date on which Kaka Saheb Had his First darshan of Shri Sai Baba. That day was 2nd November 1909. I never expected that the first part of my research would get over so easily and quickly. I thanked Baba for that, went to bed and got very sound sleep that night.

A few days passed there after and again on one night the thing of not getting the sleep up to 2 o'clock repeated. I thought it to be the alarm for starting the second part of my research project.
All rituals performed in earlier occasion were repeated. However this time I had to use some logic to get the answer. I thought that the mention of next incarnation would be mostly in tone of those Adhyays, which are related to his Baba's nirvan. And therefore I picked up Hemadpant's Sai Sacchritra and started glancing from Adhyay 42.

It took me about 5 minutes to locate the required information in Adhayay 43 ovi 139. Here it is mentioned that Baba had once told that in his next incarnation he would appear as a child of 8-year age. For a moment I was happy that I got the answer but next moment became unhappy, as the name of Kaka Saheb was nowhere mentioned here.

Immediately I decided to see the interpretation (tika) of this Ovi in Col. Nimbalkar's book and he has given reference of page 2 of Preface (upodhvadhat) of original Sai Saccharitra written by Hemadpant.

Here it is mentioned by Kaka Saheb that once Baba told him that in his next incarnation he would be born as an 8-year child. I never expected that the research would get over so quickly and so easily. It is for the first time I realized the meaning of Shraddha and Saburi.

However I could not sleep in anxiety to convey the results of my research to shri Guruji .In the same morning I contacted Shri Guruji on telephone at about 8 o'clock. Shri Guruji responded with the following words; 'So Bhau, you have now started reading books on Shri Sai Baba. Please keep it up. I want you to take lead in getting this day of 2nd November celebrated every year at Vile Parle as GURU SAMARPAN DIWAS.

It is quite obvious that he knew both the answers and the basic objective were to drive me towards Saism by reading the available literature. I accepted his command of celebrating 'GURU SAMARPAN DIWAS' conditionally and the condition was that he would be present and preside the function every year.

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