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The word ‘ faith is the most difficulty word to explain but most easily used by people in the context of religion or spiritualism. If this word is to be understood as a state of mind, it would mean holding on to a concept or an individual embodying that concept which one thinks is so true that one can unquestioningly rely on it, no matter what. Once that conviction, usually grown through a series of experience has set-in there is no further questioning on that. The only thing is to be guided by it under all circumstances.
Let us think of a child say a boy, facing a mirror for first time after

birth. How would he react. He may be awed or surprised or happy to see the image in the mirror. He may try to touch the nose, eyes and face of the image. He may laugh at seeing his own image, which would seem funny to him without realizing that it is his own image. These initial reactions may continue for some days. But as he gets older and experienced with the mirror he will not be awed, surprised or happy to see his image in the mirror.

He will only see his face and clean it or comb his hair etc. Before picking up a mirror or grown up person has a slighteft thought or doubt that the mirror might or might not reflect his image because there is an intrinsic faith in the capacity of a mirror to reflect. In science, it is easier to have faith, say on the law of gravity i.e. if I release an object from my hand it will fall on the ground due to gravity in a natural course of events.

But this world ‘faith’ cannot be used in the context of ethics, moral, a deity, God or Sadguru, in the same manner. It cannot be a mere intellectual or a habitual exercise. It is much more than that. Lack of understanding of this basic concept leads to lots of confusion in the mind of the devotees who think that have faith. This is the biggest problem facing the devotees.

Many devotees are heard saying that they have 'faith in Baba', 'full faith in Baba' or are 's surrendered'. Would one ask them as to why and how they got this faith for Baba, the general replies are that Baba had asked (often quoted from books like Shri Sai Satcharitra) his devotees to surrender to Him, or that Dixit, Megha, Mahalsapaty, the famous devotees, did so, or that in their difficult times they prayed to Baba and got the required help and, therefore, think that Baba will help them, when ever they desire to avoid painful situation or pray for desirable happenings. Some of them are even seen to criticize other devotees for not having as much faith as they have and hereby enjoy a sense of spiritual superiority as if they and not Baba have the right and capacity to pass such value judgements on such matters.

No doubt at different stages of spiritual progress 'faith' has relative connotations but at the highest stage of spirituality there can only be one truth one definition and one experience about it. It is difficult or rather naive to belive that what Baba held to be ' faith' is said differently by Akkalkot Maharaj or Baba Tazzuddin of Nagpur. But many people, due to their ignorance, pride or a habit of using certain words, try to project as if they have realized" the ultimate" meaning and experience of faith when it is merely 'relatives' i.e. certain level of faith only. Even Baba, when he was in his physical embodiment at Shirdi was aware of such limitation on the part of his devotees. He used to test the faith of his most beloved and protected devotees from time to time.

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